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The Grainger College of Engineering offers an unrivaled academic experience, with world-class faculty leading undergraduate programs designed to help you fulfill your greatest potential. Explore options across 19 top-ranked engineering majors, and customize your education with minors and dual-degree programs offer even more flexibility. Your brightest future starts here, at Grainger Engineering.

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Your path to Grainger Engineering starts here! Take our majors quiz to discover which of our 19 top-ranked programs match best with your interests.

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Engineering Undeclared (EU)

Need more time to decide on an engineering  major? The Engineering Undeclared (EU) program provides a select group of students with the opportunity to explore Grainger Engineering major options during their first two years of undergraduate study.

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B.S. Dual Degree Option

Innovation, Leadership & Engineering Entrepreneurship (ILEE)

The B.S. dual degree in Innovation, Leadership and Engineering Entrepreneurship (ILEE) program is intended for engineering students to better understand the innovative processes involved in identifying complex technical problems and creating, developing, and leading efforts to provide engineering solutions. A unique aspect of this degree is the inclusion of project-based experiential credits. This is credit that is approved, supervised, and coordinated by an Illinois faculty member. At this time, the ILEE degree is only available as a dual degree for Grainger Engineering students.

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Choosing an Engineering Minor

The minors in engineering give you the opportunity to elevate your academic experience and customize your course schedule to pursue your multifaceted interests and future professional goals.

Minor in Computer Science

The CS Minor is offered for students seeking significant knowledge of digital computing without the more complete treatment of a major in computer science. This minor may be taken by any student except majors in the Computer Science degree programs and in Computer Engineering.

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