Strategic Research Initiatives


Illinois People and Intelligent Infrastructures

Toward an Illinois Center for 3D Spatial Packaging of Interconnected Systems with Physical Interactions (SPI2)

James Allison, Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering

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Machine-assisted scalable fabrication of ultrafast quantum photonic devices

Simeon I. Bogdanov, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Phononic materials for improved flight of next-generation air vehicles

Kathryn Matlack, Mechanical Science and Engineering

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Fig. 1 We envision that U of I will serve as a science and technology hub for an observatory of infection genomics

An observatory for infection genomics

Helen Nguyen, Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Figure: van der Waals (vdW) In- memory Computing: Investigate vdW materials and memory- centric nano-primitives with a clear trade-off between energy- latency-stochasticity, in-built reconfigurability, and supported by the Shannon model of computing to meet system accuracy requirements.

Van der Waals Materials and Devices for In-Memory Computing—Enabling AI at the Edge

Shaloo Rakheja, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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