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Strategic Research Initiatives


Illinois People and Intelligent Infrastructures

Toward an Illinois Center for 3D Spatial Packaging of Interconnected Systems with Physical Interactions (SPI2)


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Machine-assisted scalable fabrication of ultrafast quantum photonic devices

Simeon I. Bogdanov, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bryan K. Clark, Physics

Prashant K. Jain, Chemistry and Materials Research Lab

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Phononic materials for improved flight of next-generation air vehicles

Kathryn Matlack, Mechanical Science and Engineering

Andres Goza, Phillip Ansell, Aerospace Engineering

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Fig. 1 We envision that U of I will serve as a science and technology hub for an observatory of infection genomics

An observatory for infection genomics

Nguyen (CEE), Irudayaraj (Bioengineering), Beck and Kesavadas (IESE), Basar (ECE), King (MechSE), Koyejo (CS), Whitaker (IGB), Smith (Vetmed), Keefer (PRI), 

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Figure: van der Waals (vdW) In- memory Computing: Investigate vdW materials and memory- centric nano-primitives with a clear trade-off between energy- latency-stochasticity, in-built reconfigurability, and supported by the Shannon model of computing to meet system accuracy requirements.

Van der Waals Materials and Devices for In-Memory Computing—Enabling AI at the Edge

Shaloo Rakheja, Wenjuan Zhu, and Naresh Shanbhag, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Axel Hoffmann, Materials Science and Engineering

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