Multidisciplinary Research

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Research is at the heart of what makes Grainger Engineering great. Your company can be at the forefront of the future and work on ideas that will revolutionize your industry by partnering with Grainger Engineering faculty, researchers and students. There are numerous opportunities for your company to sponsor groundbreaking research that will advance your organization. Countless innovations have taken place on this campus, and many more will undoubtedly develop with proper support.

Research projects underway
every semester

Faculty elected to the National Academy of
Engineering and National Academy of Sciences

Researchers working together
across disciplines

Strategic Research Initiatives

Through multidisciplinary partnerships, companies benefit from the promising innovations explored at the University of Illinois. Our Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) program expands research capabilities and supports collaboration in new and emerging areas. SRI supports exploratory research in evolving new fields and enhances existing capabilities for new interdisciplinary focus areas or centers. Funding for SRI programs comes primarily from The Grainger College of Engineering.

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Multidisciplinary Centers

Faculty and students are just two of the core elements of The Grainger College of Engineering. The facilities at the University of Illinois are an integral part of the groundbreaking work on campus. Multidisciplinary research is fostered through research spaces designed specifically for collaboration. 

Our campus is home to 8 multidisciplinary research centers with significant industry engagement: