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Computer Engineering Curriculum Map

Static version of curriculum map available here.

  • Course prerequisite chain
  • Immediate prerequisite(s) (or concurrent registration allowed if listed in the same semester)
  • Concurrent registration required
  • Postrequisite course sequence


  • The curriculum sequence mapped above is a suggested sequence, as all College of Engineering students work with a department academic advisor to achieve their educational goals, specific to their needs and preparation.
  • Rhet 105 is taken either the first of second semester of the first year, according to the student's UIN (RHET 105 in Spring if your UIN is Odd). Liberal Education Elective is taken the other semester.
  • Technical elective credits totaling 27 hours, selected from department approved list. 1 course from the approved list of EE Foundations Courses, 3 courses from the approved list of Advanced Computing Electives, and ECE 411. More information here.
  • Math 213 may be substituted for CS 173.
  • STAT 410 may be substituted for ECE 313.
  • ECE 411 may be substituted with ECE 445 or (ECE 496 and ECE 499).
  • For more details about the curriculum, visit:

The code used to present this flowsheet is based on original work shared by the University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.