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Admitted Students Redirected To The Pre-Engineering Program

Students admitted in Pre-Engineering take classes towards an engineering degree and receive guidance along the way by PREP advisors. All PREP students must maintain a minimum GPA, to remain in the program. Your progress is reviewed each semester to make sure that you are on track to transfer to the college of engineering. A successful Inter-College Transfer (ICT) petition will depend upon the quality of your academic record, and progress in the majors you are considering. Individual majors have specific requirements.

More Information

Inter-Departmental Transfers Within Grainger Engineering

If you’re enrolled in the Grainger College of Engineering, you may petition for transfer to another department within the College. All relevant information can be found here. The process involves a portfolio, visits to departmental advisors in the major(s) you are interested in, and a final petition in which you may select and apply to more than one major.

Transferring Into Grainger Engineering

Students admitted in at the University of Illinois as freshmen who wish to explore engineering must first check their eligibility and the likelihood of a transfer here. Students first apply to the Pre-Engineering program where they receive continuous guidance by PREP advisors, and are able to take classes towards an engineering degree.

Course for Exploring: Grainger Engineering

If you’re in the Pre-Engineering program in the Division of General Studies or another college, you will take Engineering at Illinois (ENG 101), an introduction to undergraduate programs of study available in the College. This also covers the potential careers of graduates of those programs. This is a 1-hour course. Consult the Course Schedule for more details.

Transferring to a Different College From Engineering

If you've decided that engineering is not right for you, that's a good productive step forward. Each person brings a unique set of skills to the table. Your skills may be a better match for a different major and that's great! Our world needs great people in every field of study.

Please talk to the prospective department to which you plan to transfer. Then come to 206 Engineering Hall and speak with an Advising Dean on beginning the transfer procedure. The sooner you do this, the better, since course sequencing is important.