The Pre-Engineering Program

The Pre-Engineering Program (PREP) is intended to provide an opportunity for highly qualified students who are not currently in The Grainger College of Engineering to prepare themselves for possible transfer into Grainger Engineering. Students in PREP will reside in the Division of General Studies (DGS) while they complete the prescribed PREP curriculum and prepare for the Inter-Collegiate Transfer (ICT) process to The Grainger College of Engineering. PREP is required for an ICT into Grainger Engineering.

Prospective PREP Students

Students who entered UIUC as first-year new students in other colleges (e.g., LAS, Gies, Education) must first transfer to PREP before the start of their fourth semester to pursue a transfer to engineering.

Current PREP Students

Students in the Pre-Engineering Program (PREP) in the Division of General Studies (DGS) take classes towards an engineering degree and receive guidance along the way from PREP advisors. Your progress is reviewed each semester to make sure that you are on track to transfer to The Grainger College of Engineering. A successful Inter-College Transfer (ICT) petition to engineering  must be completed by the end of your 4th semester and will depend upon the quality of your academic record and progress in the majors you are considering. Individual majors have specific requirements. More details can be found on the PREP website. 

Changing Majors within The Grainger College of Engineering

Current Grainger Engineering students who started in Grainger as a first-year new student can apply to change majors within the college up through the end of the 4th semester of enrollment. Students interested in changing majors within the college should meet with a college advisor as soon as you know you are interested in switching majors. These advisors can help you understand your options and what the transfer process looks like.

Current Grainger Engineering Students who started in Grainger as a transfer student from another institution should meet with meet with Keri Niehans, Assistant Director for Transfer Programs as soon as you know you are interested in switching majors to see if you are eligible to transfer. 

Finding the Right Academic Fit

Changing your major is the right path for some, but not for everyone. There are additional options to augment your education and allow you to design an academic curricular experience that is tailored to your goals and interests.  Below are list of available academic opportunities you can consider to further enhance your education: