Computer Science + Bioengineering

There is a growing need for computational scientists who have the training, knowledge and passion to solve patient-centric, healthcare-related problems. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Computer Science + Bioengineering (CS + BIOE) will provide students with the foundations required to excel in the intersection between computation and bioengineering, where revolutionary developments in personalized patient screening, diagnostics and treatment are being made.

Graduates of this program will be prepared to pursue careers in fields such as medical imaging, genomics, medical device development, healthcare informatics and software, population health and drug discovery. 

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  • New for Fall 2024! Join the inaugural CS + BIOE class.
  • The healthcare IT sector is valued at nearly $100 billion USD and the market for bioinformatics is projected to more than double between 2021 - 2026. CS + BIOE graduates will be ideal candidates for positions in these fields.
  • This program provides thorough understanding of engineering fundamentals to enable graduates in solving problems at the macro and microscopic level.

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What You'll Study

The Computer Science + Bioengineering introduces and familiarizes students with concepts and disciplines including: 1) the principles of engineering, science, and mathematics, 2) applications of engineering design for computational solutions and 3) implementation and understanding of statistical analyses linked to the bioengineering and healthcare fields.

CS + BIOE students will be able to apply the skills and advanced concepts learned in coursework to develop and evaluate innovative solutions within biological constraints. Students will study scientific computing practices and learn to apply these techniques to biomedical methods and techniques including cancer nanotechnology, stem cell engineering and next-generation computational imaging systems.

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Post Graduation Success

Graduates of the CS + BIOE program will be prepared to design solutions to meet the needs of public health and safety and solve modern problems in healthcare and life sciences. This cross-cutting major will equip students with the scientific and technical computational skills necessary to be successful in healthcare informatics and bioinformatics as well as laboratories and industries where patient safety and well-being are the focus.

CS + BIOE students will be competitive applicants for positions at leading tech companies looking to make an impact in bioinformatics and healthcare, such as Google and Microsoft. Students will also have opportunities to work with regional and national startups such as TEMPUS, SymBioSys and PathAI.

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