College Awards

College-Granted Faculty Awards

Grainger Engineering faculty are innovators. Their pioneering approaches to teaching and research are world-renowned, and each year the College internally recognizes a select group of these faculty for their achievements.

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Student Awards

Grainger Engineering students do the impossible everyday. Each year we are proud to recognize select students for outstanding leadership, academic achievement, and character.

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Distinguished Alumni & Hall of Fame

Grainger Engineering alumni are world-changers. The Grainger College of Engineering recognizes alumni and others affiliated with the College for outstanding leadership, contributions to the field of engineering, creativity, and entrepreneurship; as well as service to society, the professional community, and to the department, college, or university.

Alumni Award for Distinguished Service

Hall of Fame

2022 Engineering Council Outstanding Advisors

Recognized as the top 10% of engineering advisors selected by their students, these Grainger Engineering faculty and staff exemplify excellence and dedication in support of our students’ efforts.

Maddie Darling, Bioengineering
Jake Spinnato, Bioengineering
Youssef Hashash, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Becky Stillwell, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Brighten Godfrey, Computer Science
Elizabeth Gonzalez, Computer Science
Nan Jiang, Computer Science
Deepak Vasisht, Computer Science
Heather Zike, Computer Science
Joan Brown, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Molly Helgesen, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Christopher Schmitz, Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Susan Larson, Engineering Administration
    Chris Migotsky
    , Engineering Administration
    James Allison
    , Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering
    Laura Nagel, Material Science & Engineering
    Missy Biehl, Mechanical Science and Engineering
    Jie Feng, Mechanical Science and Engineering
    Blake Johnson, Mechanical Science and Engineering
  • Stephanie Ott-Monsivais, Mechanical Science and Engineering
    Sanjiv Sinha
    , Mechanical Science and Engineering
    Sameh Tawfick, Mechanical Science and Engineering
    Alexey Bezryadin, Physics
  • Merissa Milton, Physics