Benefits of Pathways

Engineering Pathways offers many benefits for students interested in beginning their college education at an Illinois community college.

Benefits of the Engineering Pathways Programs:

  • Time to explore: Students are admitted to the program before they decide first and
    second choice majors, providing an opportunity to explore coursework and career paths
  • Cohort program: Students complete the same courses together each semester
    throughout their community college experience
  • Make every Credit Count: Specialized, aligned plan of study from your community
    college to Illinois ensures all credits transfer toward your selected engineering major.
  • Personalized support: Access to Grainger College of Engineering advising and
    programming, including:
    • Academic advising via University of Illinois starting first semester of college
    • Pathways orientation and events
    • Opportunities for major exploration and professional development
  • Guaranteed admission to your first choice major in the Grainger College of
    Engineering; 18 majors to explore!
  • Seamless transition: Academic rigor of plan of study at your community college for two
    years will be similar to what’s expected at University of Illinois.
  • Major Cost Savings! On average, Engineering Pathways students save over $32,000
    during their first two years of study.
  • GearUp: Specialized summer program to aid in a smooth transition from your local
    community college to the University of Illinois
  • Pathways-specific scholarships: Students who complete the program and join Illinois
    with a transfer GPA of 3.8+ are guaranteed a scholarship.

Pathways Scholarships

Scholarships are available for students who successfully complete the Pathways
program. Some funding is available through the GearUP summer program and
additional funding is available for students’ first year at Illinois after transferring. All
students who successfully complete the Pathways program with a GPA of 3.8 or better
are guaranteed scholarship funding towards their first year at Illinois.

Learn about other scholarship opportunities:

llinois Commitment

 Tuition and fees covered if family income is $67,000 or less
and family assets are $50,000 or less.

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Illinois Promise

Funds estimated cost of tuition and fees; food and housing; and
books and supplies through grants, scholarships, and 10 – 12 hours of work a
week. FAFSA EFC must equal $0.

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Hope Scholarship

Student-initiated fee that provides funds for students who
demonstrate financial need yet do not otherwise qualify for financial aid

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External Scholarships

Browse an online library of external scholarship opportunities.

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Engineering scholarships for continuing students

This one unique application is for consideration for scholarships managed by the Grainger College of Engineering. 

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