Build relationships face to face

By participating in or sponsoring events, you can build relationships and further develop your name recognition across the College and campus.

Opportunities for everyone

We encourage you to participate in our events, whether you attend the event in person, provide funding, or support the events in other ways. They are designed to provide educational experiences, build, and strengthen ties to the Grainger Engineering family, and celebrate the accomplishments of students and faculty. An example of the variety of events available includes the following:

  • Engineering Open House, sponsored by Engineering Council, showcases student and College accomplishments in engineering to the public through a variety of exhibits and presentations.
  • Launch welcomes the incoming engineering class to the College with food, activities, and fun.
  • Engineering Convergence, hosted by the College and Engineering Student Alumni Ambassadors, provides an opportunity for engineering alumni and students to network in an informal, non-recruiting setting.
  • Spring Engineering Employment Expo is a one-day recruiting event coordinated and hosted by Engineering Council. This fair is for both full-time and internship recruiting.
  • Senior Sunday celebrates the accomplishments of our graduating seniors, bringing together future alumni with faculty, friends, and staff.

Find out about these events and other activities by viewing the College Calendar.