Graduate Degree Programs

Advanced graduate degrees for the next step in your career 

Grainger Engineering offers research-oriented, thesis-based master's and Ph.D. programs, as well as professionally-oriented master's programs, across 12 departments. These programs enable you to interact with leaders of their field, have sufficient impact on science and industry, and explore innovation and discovery across disciplinary boundaries. 


Professional Master's Programs

Grainger Engineering offers several Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) and Master of Science (MS, non-thesis) degree programs. These professionally-oriented degree programs are designed to prepare you to advance your career in emerging technical fields and innovative corporate environments. Many of our on-campus programs can be completed within one year of full-time study and several are available completely online.

Joint Degree Programs

Grainger Engineering offers three joint degree programs, pairing degrees from top-tier colleges across the University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapaign campus.

Combined Bachelor + Master Programs

As a Grainger Engineering undergraduate, you are able to apply during your junior year to be part of a combined bachelor's/master's degree program and complete both degrees in five years.