Online Tuition & Funding

All students enrolling in online courses pay the same tuition regardless of residency or student status. Tuition and fees are due approximately one month after the start of the semester. Please see the Calendar for the current semester due date for tuition and fee payments.

Fall 2022 - Summer 2023 (Academic Year) Total Tuition and Fees for Online Degree Students Total Tuition and Fees for Non-Degree Online Students
1 credit hour $1110 $1110
2 credit hours $2220 $2220
3 credit hours $3330 $3330
4 credit hours $4440 $4440

* Online MCS Tuition (MCS Degree Students Only)


Please note: The University assesses a 2.4% convenience fee for all credit card transactions.Tuition and fee assessments will be calculated in the Banner system and made available for viewing in the Web Self-Service system.

The University will accept MasterCard, Discover, American Express, checks, and e-checks for payment of tuition and fees. Please note that the University assesses a 2.4% convenience fee for all credit card transactions. Visit the University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations (USFSCO) Web site for details and contact our office if you have any questions about your student account.

The University does not send tuition and fee assessments by mail. E-bills are replacing paper bills and will be sent to your official University email account, not to personal email accounts, after the semester begins.

Billing Your Company or Sponsor

If your education at the University of Illinois is being supported by an outside agency, please visit USFSCO to bill your agency directly. Outside agencies can be your company or business, other schools, educational foundations, and governmental agencies.