Vikram Adve
Director, Center for Digital Agriculture
Irfan Ahmad
Executive Director, Interdisciplinary Initiatives
Alyssa Aiello
Web Designer
Khlaf Alkhaldi
Senior IT Specialist
Imad L. Al-Qadi
Director, Illinois Center for Transporation
Ellen Wang Althaus
Associate Director of the IDEA Institute
Nancy M. Amato
Computer Science
Mark A. Anastasio
Donald Biggar Willett Professor in Engineering Head, Department of Bioengineering
John Onyango Anindo
Senior Web Application Developer
Olivia G. Arnold
Office Support Associate
Travis Ashmore
Data Analytics Manager
Caitlin Marie Aylmer
James A. Babiarz
Associate Systems Engineer
Sabrina Patrice Bailey
Account Technician II
Belinda Louise Barnhart
Office Administrator
Ana P. Barros
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tamer Basar
Director, ADSC
Rashid Bashir
Missy Beck-LeFaivre
Associate Director Grants and Contracting
Halim A. Beere
Associate Application Developer
Salim M. Belahi
Assistant Director for IT Operations
Melissa Marie Belcher
Alyson Bell
Assistant Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations
Kaity Bequette
Student Employee Coordinator
Jennifer Bernhard
Director, Applied Research Institute
Paula Besson
Executive Director for Advancement
Jeremy Bird
Senior Application Support Specialist
Meredith Blumthal
Director of International Programs in Engineering
Daniel J. Bodony
Associate Dean, Graduate, Professional, and Online Programs
Stevie Diane Bohlen
Kimberly J. Bone
Office Manager
Latina Cornella Booker-Taylor
Kathleen Sharon Ervin Booth
Business Analyst
Robert Brank
Associate Web Application Developer
Paul V. Braun
Director, Materials Research Laboratory
Erika S. Brewer
Academic Adviser & Coordinator ZJUI Program
Alex Burke
Associate IT Specialist (Intern)
Kathy J. Buss
Director of Engineering Human Resources
Palmer Buss
Senior IT Specialist
Brad Butler
Associate Director for App Dev and Data Analytics
David Cahill
Co-Director, IBM Discovery Accelerator Institute
Keri Carter Pipkins
Director of Professional Education and Workforce Development
Victor G. Cervantes
George Chacko
Executive Director of Research Data Analytics
Edward Torres Chainani
Assistant Director for Safety
Michael G. Chan
IT Architect
Rachel Chartoff
Marketing & Data Management Coordinator
Shujun Chen
Kevin Ray-An Chiang
Associate IT Specialist
Tim Cochrane
Director of Advancement
Heather Colleen Coit
Media Communications Specialist
Rachael Marie Follmer Coleman
HR Specialist
Ethan Conner
Research Technology Facilitator
Tara Conner
Brenna Weiler Conway
Director, Engineering City Scholars
Jose Corral
Safety Engineer
Kristen Leigh Costello
Associate Director of Advancement Communications
Casey R. Coughlen
Senior Linux System Administrator
Allen Cravens
Brian T. Cunningham
Director, ONC-PM
John Dallesasse
Acting Associate Dean for Facilities and Capital Planning
Canaan Lee Daniels
Senior Events Coordinator
Zaheeda Moosa Darvesh
Assistant Director of Advancement
Elizabeth Patricia Dawson
Project Manager
Candy Deaville
Office Manager
Geoffrey O. Dehler
Senior Grants & Contracts Coordinator
Ulyssia E. Dennis
Assistant Director, Engineering Career Services
Michael J. Devocelle
Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
Hannah Louise Dougherty
Academic Advisor & Coordinator of International Programs
Gina Marie Duello
Application Development Manager
Geir E. Dullerud
Director, Center for Autonomy
Nicole Marie Elliott
Thurman B. Etchison, III
HR Coordinator
Christopher Todd Evans
Office Support Associate
David E. Farrow
Engineering Teaching Lab Coordinator
Ivan Favila
Assistant Dean and Director, Morrill Engineering Program
Erica Henry Finiak
Office Administrator
Corey J. Flack
Pre-Engineering Advisor
Heather R. Fletcher
Gretchen M. Forman
Program Coordinator, Illinois Engineering First-Year Experience
Kelly C. Foster
Communications Coordinator
Katherine L. Freeman
Office Administrator
Jonathan Freund
Aerospace Engineering
Amy L. Fruehling
Director, Engineering Career Services
Andrew Michael Funkhouser
Inventory Specialist
Jana Dee Gadbury
Administrative Aide
Caroline Smith Gaffrig
Assistant Director of Advancement
Philippe H. Geubelle
Executive Associate Dean
Christine Rachel Gipson
HR Specialist
Lynford L. Goddard
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Diana Kaskenovna Gonzalez
Director for Graduate Student Success
Christy L. Gosser-Stiner
Office Administrator
Matthias Grosse Perdekamp
Kim Gudeman
Director of Research Communications
Bruce Hajek
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kara Haley
Assistant Director for Research Development
Steven A. Hall
Director of Advancement, Computer Science
Suzanne Hallihan
Administrative Aide
Chelsea L. Hamilton
Associate Director of Communications
James Han
Senior IT Specialist
Jamie Hannah
Admissions & Records Representative
Kiruba Sivasubramaniam Haran
Bobbi Lee Battleson Hardy
Communications and Customer Relations Coordinator
Kristie LeAnn Harris
Office Support Specialist
Mark Smylie Hart
Assistant Director for Research Services
David S. Hartzell
Human Resources Associate
Elena Hausmann
Associate IT Specialist
Laura L. Hayden
Web Services Manager
Lara Hebert
Justin M. Hedrick
Associate eLearning Specialist
Tessa M. Hile
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
Jonathan Alan Hill
Director of Advancement, The Grainger College of Engineering
Michaela Lynn Hillen
Associate IT Specialist
Michael C. Hirschi
Ombudsperson, The Grainger College of Engineering
Rebecca Janelle Hodgson
Associate Linux System Administrator
Todd Hollister
Frank M. Hoskinson, Jr
Executive Director of Online Programs and Initiatives
Elizabeth T. Hsiao-Wecksler
Interim Director, Health Care Engineering Systems Center
Carolyn Denise Hughes
Office Support Associate
Amy Hurst
Business Analyst
James R. Hurst
Executive Director
Jerilyn Hutson
Associate Director, Alumni & Donor Engagement
Catharine Ingram
Coordinator of Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs, TEC
Tony Jacobi
Mechanical Science and Engineering
Emily Jankauski
Communications Coordinator
Emad Jassim
Assistant Dean
Kenneth E. Jenkins
Creative Specialist, Broadcasting
Kathleen S. Jennings
Accounting Officer
Jianming Jin
Assistant Dean for ZJUI Engagement
Elizabeth Marie Johnson
Administrative Aide
Harley T. Johnson
Associate Dean for Research
Kortney Kay Jones
Assistant Director Undergraduate Admissions & Recruitment
Ji-Hoon Jung
IT Specialist
Ben Kaap
Database Administrator
Libby Kacich
Assistant Dean for Marketing and Communications
Nick Kalish
Paul J. A. Kenis
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Bryan W. Kieft
Online Program Specialist
Harrison Hyung Min Kim
Co-Director, HOEFT Technology & Management
Jessica Y. Kim
Academic Advisor
Jonathan Ho Kim
Associate IT Specialist
Qu Kim
Director of Facilities
Bill King
Co-Director, Illinois Advanced Manufacturing Institute
Melissa Kisubika
Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Educational Data
Emily Rose Klein
Grants & Contracts Associate
Amy Koester
Assistant Director of Graphic Design, TEC
Philip T. Krein
Special Advisor to the Dean
Kelsey Krok
HR Coordinator
Korrine Kuhn
Peter Kurath
Senior Research Engineer
Paul G. Kwiat
Director, Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center
Lynnell Lacy
Academic Hourly Administration
John Lambros
Director, Advanced Materials Testing and Evaluation Laboratory
Stephanie Larson
Associate Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student Programs, TEC
Susan M. Larson
Assistant Dean
Marie-Pierre O. Lassiva-Moulin
Undergraduate Programs Specialist
Lauren Laws
Coordinator of Communications
Thang Hong Le
Senior Web Application Developer
Brian Jinsup Lee
Senior IT Specialist
John Lee
User Services Manager
Heidi Leerkamp
Assistant Director for Research Development
Kyra Nalini Lochelle
Office Support Associate
Jordan T. Lowe
Senior Web Application Developer
Janet Marie Lunn
Office Support Associate
Ronaldo G. Maghirang
Agricultural and Biological Engineering
John J. Mahlmeister
Coordinator, Engineering Career Services
Daniel Joseph Maier
Facilities Manager
Monica Maier
Office Support Associate
Sid Majumdar
IT Specialist
Jonathan Makela
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Natasha Johanna Mamaril
Associate Director for Undergraduate Research
Jay Mann
Director, AE3
Sarah McCarty
Associate Director of Engineering Human Resources
Amy Jeanne McCullough
Assistant Director for Graduate Programs
Tracy McDade
Account Technician I
Amy Lynn Meharry
HR Coordinator
Chris Migotsky
Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Faculty Teaching Programs
Tina Miller
Scholarship Administration Specialist
Jackie L. Mitchell
Business/Admin Associate
Casey L. Moore
Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Transfer Programs
Wesley R. Moore
Graphic Design Specialist
Linda S. Morris
Administrative Aide
Nicholas James Morse
David E. Mussulman
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Klara Nahrstedt
Coordinated Science Laboratory
Charles Neiss
Assistant Director, City Scholars Program
Haruka Neiswender
Assistant Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations
Kim Thi Nguyen-Jahiel
Assistant Director for Instructional Services
Brian E. Nicely
IT Specialist/Cybersecurity Lead
David M. Nicol
Director, Information Trust Institute | Director, Advanced Digital Sciences Center
Keri Michelle Niehans
Academic Advisor and Assistant Director for Transfer Programs
Joshua Nielsen
Director of Marketing
Yanfeng Ouyang
Director of CRRC
Tyler Owens
IT Specialist
Marco Panesi
Director, CHESS
Normand Paquin
Special Advisor to the Dean, Strategic Planning; Associate Director for Research, CSL
Laurel Passantino
Assistant Dean for Research
Frank E. Penrose
Systems Engineer
Caleb Petticrew
IT Specialist
Gianni Pezzarossi
Computational System Analyst
Mark Scott Pinson
Robert W. Porter
Admissions and Records Representative
Josh Potts
Software Engineer
Cynthia Elise Pruitt
Administrative Assistant
Manu Pulikkan
Lead Windows Systems Administrator
Brandi Lynn Pulleyblank
Engineering HRIS Coordinator
Sarvani Putta
Associate Data Analyst
Leonel Ramirez
Web Application Developer
Summer Redman
Senior HR Coordinator
Laura Reiter
Graduate Programs Coordinator
Andrew Robinson
Patricia Rosario
Glen Rundblom
Linux Systems Administrator
Beth Anne Rutledge
Human Resource Associate
Carleen Ann T Nemenzo Sacris
Computer-based Testing Facilitator Coordinator
Irene John Sakellarakis
Senior IT Specialist
Jennifer Lindsay Sans
Office Administrator
Ethan Scott
Associate Director of Advancement
Matt McCutcheon Seng
Senior IT Specialist
Kimberly Sgarbossa
Graduate Programs Coordinator
Jeff Shamma
Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering
Vicky Shimkus
Office Manager
MaryEllen Kathleen Simpson
Office Support Specialist
Andrew Singer
Associate Dean for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Samridh Singh
Dexter Q. Smith
Windows System Administrator
Erika Smith
Audio-Visual Technology Specialist
J. Smith
Lead IT Specialist
Julie A. Smith
Office Support Specialist
Sara S. Smith
Office Support Specialist
Petros Sofronis
Director, International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research
Nancy R. Sottos
Materials Science and Engineering
Pennie L. Speckman
Inventory Specialist
John N. Spencer
Associate AV Technology Specialist
Lauren Emmae Stites
Professional Programs Coordinator
Gina Annette Stow
IT Specialist
Kent L. Studer
Senior Director of Corporate Relations
Darius J. Summerville
Infrastructure Services Manager
Rachel Switzky
Director, Siebel Center for Design
Donald Takehara
Director for Research
Paul J. Taraszka
Senior Linux Systems Admininstrator
Maile Dawn Tatman
Account Technician III
Jed L. Taylor
Executive Director, Technology Entrepreneur Center
Dana Michelle Tempel
Assistant Director, CARE
Heidi L. Thiele
Jonathan J. Trice
Office Support Specialist
Rizwan Uddin
Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
James S. Vattano
Assistant Director of Visual Communications
Heather Finneran Vazquez
Senior Director of Advancement, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Yurii Vlasov
Interim Director of HMNTL
Andrea N. Vogel
Grants & Contracts Coordinator
Eddie Waldmire, IV
Linux Systems Administrator
Virgil Ward, II
Digital Media Specialist
Allison Weber
Account Technician I
Lori West
Academic Advisor and Coordinator of International Student Programs
Melissa Whitt
eLearning Specialist
Jessalee R. Williams
Tiffani L. Williams
Dean’s Fellow in Inclusion, Belonging, and Engagement
Lori Rairden Willoughby
Executive Director of Engineering Human Resources
Mandy Wisehart
Administrative Aide
Kendra Wolf
Associate Director of Advancement
Brian S. Woodard
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Eric R. Woolley
Account Technician II
Ashleigh Wright
Associate Director of Instruction for IDEA
Courtney Nicole Wright
Business Analyst
Kaiwen Xue
Linux Systems Administrator
Pooja Yadav
Data Analyst
Wendy Lou Yahnke
Senior Testing Coordinator
Stephen Yamaguchi
Associate IT Specialist
Jana Zollinger