Troubleshooting Video Lectures

If you have Trouble Accessing the Lecture Recordings

  1. Please make sure you are using Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari and that your browser software and java plugins are up to date.
  2. Confirm you are accessing the correct link to the lecture media, as directed by Engineering Online/course staff.
  3. If you recently enrolled in the class (within the past 24 hours), please allow 24 hours for the rosters and access groups to update.
  4. If you receive an API or "access denied" error in Media Space, please visit for steps to clear this error.
  5. If you cannot access the login page, or if you are denied permission to log in, try using an Illinois VPN connection, If you are on campus, to access recordings you must use IllinoisNet or a VPN connection with UIUCnet wifi.
  6. Try logging in from a different location or using a different Internet connection.

If you continue to have trouble with access, contact Please include the following information with your request:

  • Your netID
  • The course number and/or name
  • What type of device you are using to access the media, which OS and which browser
  • Your location (home, office, hotel, coffee shop, etc.)
  • Approximate time you attempted to access the lecture media