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Why the world comes to Illinois for engineers

The world’s top companies are drawn to The Grainger College of Engineering because of our global reputation for leadership in engineering research and education, plus our environment that promotes a unique culture of collaboration and innovation among the nation's brightest engineers and faculty. Alongside our team you will foster collaborative opportunities where industry and research can generate technology and breakthroughs that spur innovation. We’ll work with you to build strategic partnerships in areas such as sponsored research, recruitment, continued education and philanthropy.

Our Students

Our students receive instruction from leading expert researchers and practitioners in your field. Their courses are filled with engaging, cutting-edge theory coupled with high-impact engineering research and hands-on learning experiences to ensure you are staying at the forefront of innovation.


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60+ state-of-the-art centers, labs, and institutes

Grainger Engineering incubators provide students with superior research capabilities in the fundamental engineering sciences and in collaboration with industrial and governmental laboratories. Expert faculty lead students in their maximization of the world-class research infrastructure and cutting-edge technology available at the University of Illinois. This combination of expertise and access drives fundamental and groundbreaking discoveries that can rapidly transfer to and impact society.

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Top 10 for total research expenditures among Colleges of Engineering (ASEE)

Research is essential, intricate, and synonymous with the Grainger College of Engineering. It is who we are and what we do. Students in all disciplines experience the power of research and how it both deepens their course understanding, increases their professional potential, and also makes an impact on the world around them.



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