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As one of the world's top-ranked engineering institutions, the University of Illinois’ Grainger College of Engineering is a leader in engineering education, research, and public engagement. Our diverse, tight-knit community of faculty, students, and alumni set the standard for excellence in engineering, driving innovation in the economy and bringing revolutionary ideas to the world. Collectively, we are thinking and designing to solve the world's greatest challenges, every day.

  • 10,000+ students from 50 states and 100+ countries
  • 400+ expert faculty leading breakthrough research
  • 38 top-ten ranked degree programs and specialties
  • $221M in total research expenditures
  • 80,000+ alumni worldwide
  • $75,450 average BS degree starting salary
  • 60+ labs, research centers, and institutes
  • 9+ multidisciplinary research centers

The Grainger Foundation's Commitment

The Grainger College of Engineering is named in honor of distinguished alumnus William W. Grainger, who founded the Fortune 500 industrial supply company W. W. Grainger in 1927. Our name reflects The Grainger Foundation’s unprecedented and unwavering support, totalling more than $300 million, to drive engineering entrepreneurship and innovation. It is the largest contribution ever to a public university to name a college of engineering, and we are honored to spread our global impact with the Grainger name.

This investment in the college’s bold vision creates endless opportunities for our students, faculty, and researchers that can be seen across our engineering campus—in the Engineering Visionary Scholarship Initiative, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building, Everitt Laboratory, the Grainger Library and Information Center, the Grainger Chair in Electrical Engineering, and an endowment in support of engineering research.

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Photo of William W. Grainger

Tackling the Toughest Challenges

At Grainger Engineering, we are building a better tomorrow. We envision a future in which new solutions from our best engineers usher in positive change, such as global access to clean water, nuclear and cyber security, cures and treatments for diseases, effective health care, and a sustainable environment.

Research opportunities alongside our renowned faculty members are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels, offering a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary hands-on exploration of theory. Truly, an elite engineering education come to life.

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Reimagining Engineering Education

Grainger Engineering's undergraduate, graduate, and online degree and certificate programs are designed to make you think critically and creatively to find solutions and do the impossible.

Reflected by our national engineering rankings, we give the brightest minds an opportunity to thrive by developing modern, collaborative, and hands-on educational experiences designed to celebrate diversity and unlock the potential for boundless achievement in every student.

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Aggressively Driving the Economy

Grainger Engineering provides opportunities and resources for students and faculty to bring their innovations to market by making world-class entrepreneurial programs, partnerships, opportunities, and experiences accessible to everyone at Illinois.

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Foundation for Future Success

The Grainger College of Engineering fosters a passion for lifelong learning. As such, many of our undergraduate students continue on to elite master’s and doctoral degree programs to further their knowledge and deepen their specialization. Other students feed off the entrepreneurial spirit, harnessing the potential of design and research, to develop venture-backed startups that push the boundaries of engineering.

Our graduate and doctoral students receive unrivaled professional development and refinement of impactful leadership skills as they carve out unique and rewarding career paths never before imagined.

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Building on a Legacy of Innovation

The Grainger College of Engineering family includes a network of more than 80,000 alumni innovators and inventors around the world who exhibit outstanding leadership, contributions to entrepreneurial engineering, and dedicated service to society. We are proud to honor our Distinguished Alumni and their groundbreaking contributions to the advancement of science and technology that are deeply embedded in the daily lives of every human being on the planet.

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