Intent to Pursue Pathways (IPP Form)

Students who may be declined initial admission; need to pursue a foundation year to prepare for the Year-1 curriculum; don’t have access to an ALEKS PPL assessment (or opt not to take it); or who miss the application deadline will have an opportunity to apply or re-apply to the Engineering Pathways program after their first year at community college through the Intent to Pursue Pathways (IPP) track.

The IPP track works similarly to Engineering Pathways Year-1 program: interested students, who are calculus-ready, must successfully complete the same Year-1 coursework and requirements as those currently enrolled in Engineering Pathways, and at the same community college selected during the application process. If this first year is completed and all IPP track requirements are met (all classes taken in order listed in the Plan of Study, B's or better in Tech Classes, and minimum 3.5 in Overall GPA and Tech GPA), then the student becomes eligible to apply to the Engineering Pathways program as an incoming Year-2 Engineering Pathways student to join the next cohort.

Those students who test into pre-calculus/trigonometry will likely need to complete this course over summer, to ensure they are calculus-ready for the Fall semester to start on the IPP track. Please plan accordingly.

Students interested in the IPP track need to complete the Intent to Pursue Pathways Form and attach the requested documents to notify the program of their desire to join the IPP track. Transcripts and grades will be reviewed as part of this application to determine eligibility. Once added to the IPP track roster, students will be required to attend a mandatory advising meeting each semester.

The application is open between April 6th (prior to college enrollment) and January 31st (second semester of college). Students are not eligible to join IPP after their second semester of college enrollment. Those students who miss the deadline are encouraged to follow the traditional transfer path.

It takes time to review transcripts and grades. Please allow 7-10 business days to respond after submitting your form.

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