Fall 2024 Plans of Study

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Engineering Pathways is a cohort-based experience. Students enrolled in the program work through the foundational courses together, in sequence. As such, all technical coursework in the plan of study must be completed as listed and for a grade while enrolled in the program – this includes mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, and engineering/major-specific coursework.  Prior credit, including through AP and dual enrollment, may not be used to satisfy technical coursework requirements for the program.

All required coursework is pre-articulated for transfer to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. It is possible to apply test-based and prior earned credit to general education coursework such as Composition, Humanities & the Arts, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Cultural Studies, and Language Other Than English.  You will work with Engineering Pathways advisors in Grainger Engineering to select appropriate major-specific technical courses and Gen Eds or other electives to round out your plan of study.

Fall 2024 Plans of Study

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Please note: While students attending any IL community college may now apply to participate in Engineering Pathways not all colleges offer the full sequences of required coursework. Check the plan of study for your college. If a course is not available or not offered in the needed term it may be necessary for a student to complete coursework at another IL community college to fulfill program requirements.

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