Computer Science + Physics

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science (CS) and Physics (PHYS) is designed to prepare students seeking careers in quantum information science, finance and data science where they will combine fundamental analytical tools presented in physics with computer-based implementations. This program will introduce students to theoretical and practical tools including computational physics, financial modeling, data science applications and advanced mathematical and modeling techniques.

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  • New for Fall 2024! Join the inaugural CS + PHYS class.
  • This is the only program in the state of Illinois that offers a blend of computer science and physics, and which teaches quantum mechanics with sufficient depth to understand quantum information science.

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What You'll Study

Students in the CS + PHYS program will learn computer science and physics foundations, including data structures, programming, software design, numerical methods, classical and quantum mechanics, and computational physics. Fundamental knowledge will be applied to design computing-based solutions and experiments, analyze algorithm performance and extract results from data.

Training in the quantum mechanics field will uniquely prepare CS + PHYS graduates for positions in the emerging field of quantum information.

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Post Graduation Success

The quantum information science field is a new, but quickly growing sector that requires a highly trained workforce to meet the demand. CS + PHYS graduates would be uniquely qualified for positions at companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel and Google, as well as financial/investment companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.

The CS + PHYS program also prepares students to be competitive applicants for post-graduate research in computational physics or computer science by addressing both the programming and scientific aspects of the field.

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