Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is a major within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Computer engineering is the design and use of computing systems at all levels. This major may interest you if you enjoy understanding, designing, and working with computers. In this major, you will learn every part of a computer system from top to bottom. As a computer engineer, you will be well prepared to create the wide array of computing systems and devices that we all use and depend on every day.

Career options include computer system architecture, GPU architecture, hardware design, microprocessor design, programming, research, and software architecture.

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  • Our computer engineering program is ranked #4 by U.S. News & World Report.
  • 84% of students reported having an internship or co-op during their degree program.
  • 96% of students reported securing their first choice destination upon graduation.
  • The average starting salary for a computer engineering graduate is $118,752 with a median signing bonus of $15,000.

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What You'll Study

The computer engineering core curriculum focuses on fundamental computer engineering knowledge: circuits, systems, electromagnetics, computer systems, electronics for information processing and communication, and computer science. Instruction is given using a combination of lecture, discussion, laboratory, and project methodologies of the highest quality. The large number of laboratory courses and superb access to advanced computer facilities provide excellent practical experience in the field. Engineering design, communication, and teamwork are integrated throughout the curriculum.

The rich set of ECE elective courses in addition to labs permits you to concentrate in any sub-discipline of computer engineering including: hardware systems; cyber physical systems; foundations and theory;  software and languages; algorithms and mathematical tools; trust, reliability, security; networking, mobile and distributed computing; big data analytics and systems; artificial intelligence, robotics, cybernetics. Joining the computer engineering program as a Grainger Engineering student will provide you with a strong foundation coupled with advanced coursework in the area(s) of your choosing.

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Post-Graduation Success

The computer engineering curriculum prepares you to be able to create the wide array of computing systems and devices that we all use and depend upon every day. About seventeen percent of our computer engineering graduates continue their education in graduate school, and about seventy-four percent take positions in industry.

Graduates also pursue careers in computer system architecture, GPU architecture, hardware design, microprocessor design, programming, research and software architecture. The average salary between 2022-2023 for computer engineering grads was reported as $118,752 ,with a median signing bonus of $15,000.

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employed or continuing education*

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average starting annual income*

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Sample grad school destinations: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University View All

*Post-graduate data was collected through the Illini Success initiative, which primarily relies on self-reported survey data sources. Statistics reported are from 2022-2023. Please note that total compensation may be greater than annual salary as other forms of compensation (e.g., signing bonus, commission, benefits) are not included. For more information on Illini Success data and methods, please visit the Illini Success website.

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Two female undergraduate students demonstrate a smart mirror at the Electrical and Computer Engineering building during the Engineering Open House.

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