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When you give to The Grainger College of Engineering, you become a part of our bold vision for the future. Your investment allows us to deliver an elite engineering education to students who learn from expert researchers and practitioners in state-of-the-art facilities.

You can help us plan for the future while making a difference today. Gifts to our Grainger Engineering Priority Fund will provide vital, unrestricted support that allows the college to strategically invest in critical initiatives.

Together, we will...


Transform the student experience

Your generosity provides our students with the tools they need to succeed outside of the classroom and prepares them to take on the world's challenges. Contributions from our alumni and friends are essential to our ability to support our students, faculty, and staff. 

A few of the many ways your gift could be used to support Grainger Engineers includes educator/advisor and research funding, scholarships and fellowships, and support of our learning spaces such as labs and centers.

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Drive world-changing research

Your support is critical to our research initiatives which touch all aspects of human life, encompassing medical, atmospheric, cellular, acoustic, renewable energy, and robotic endeavors—among many more. This enriching academic experience fosters maximum growth for students and lays the foundation for strides in societal improvements. 

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Address Social Justice in Engineering Education & Research

You will help us develop our pipeline for student diversity, sustain our engagement through programming and community building, and elevate our societal impact. You can help us make a difference in scholarship, innovation, collaboration, and leadership in the areas of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access at all levels: faculty, staff, students, and K-12 outreach/public engagement. 

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Meet Our Campaign Cabinet

Meet the six Grainger Engineering alumni charged with activating our network and encouraging our community to be With Illinois.

Engineering Visionary Scholarships

You can turn dreams into realities and passions into possibilities! Engineering Visionary Scholarships (EVS) gives highly qualified students access to a world-class engineering education. Every year, hundreds of students become Grainger Engineers because of donor support to EVS. 

EVS Facts:

  • Gifts to EVS of all sizes are pooled and endowed, maximizing our ability to flexibly distribute ample scholarship awards year after year.
  • More than half of EVS gifts are $100 or less – proving every gift can transform the student experience.
  • The EVS fund will continue to grow into perpetuity, enabling Grainger Engineering to remain competitive and allowing the college to flexibly respond to students' needs.

Your generosity directly supports our students and impacts our ability to recruit and retain the most promising engineers, scientists, physicians, business leaders, and problem-solvers.

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Vanessa Blas

Systems Engineering, 2021

Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Receiving this scholarship inspires me to pay it forward. In the future I hope to create a non-profit organization and help bring advancing technologies to low-income community schools.

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Ryan Lake

Civil Engineering, 2021

Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

I really appreciate my scholarship support because it gives me the opportunity and motivation to work harder on how transportation systems can be reimagined in the future. My dream job is to work on transportation projects and have the opportunity to use sustainable and green infrastructure at every point possible.

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Adam Zuiker

Mechanical Engineering, 2021

Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Not only did [the scholarship] allow me to attend one of the nation's top engineering programs for significantly less than other schools, but it made me feel like Grainger Engineering really wanted me and everything I could offer.

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Amanda Loutris

Materials Science and Engineering, 2021

Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

I wanted to become an engineer to help develop solutions to our climate crisis. I chose materials science so that I can be at the forefront of research pertaining to advanced energy technology such as hybrid and organic solar cells.

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Robin De Lara

Grainger Engineer, 2021

Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

I wanted to become an engineer simply because I wanted to help the world. Engineers are the ultimate agents of help through science and technology and I thought this was the coolest thing ever.

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Savannah Goodman

Grainger Engineer, 2020

Engineering Visionary Scholarship Alumna

My scholarship helped fund my international travel to Uganda, which incited my passion for global energy access and has led me to pursue a career focused on distributed energy resources and microgrids. 

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Dana Yun

Grainger Engineer, 2020

Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Having my tuition partially taken care of has been a great relief from the stress we have been living in. With all the stresses my family has been dealing with, this is one area that we don't have to worry about.

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Why are we The Grainger College of Engineering?

“The Grainger Foundation’s legacy can be seen across our campus. They have invested in our outstanding students, brilliant faculty, groundbreaking research, and capital projects to support our unmatched innovation. Their generosity is transforming engineering education, creating opportunities for generations of students and future leaders, and advancing our researchers’ abilities to impact the world. The Grainger Foundation’s over $300 million in support, is an investment in our bold vision for the future and we are grateful that they have entrusted us with this gift.”

Rashid Bashir, Dean
Grainger Distinguished Chair in Engineering
Professor of Bioengineering

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