Scholarships for Continuing Students

Eligibility and Qualifications

If you’ve been in an engineering program, with at least one semester of grades received in The Grainger Engineering at the University of Illinois, you are encouraged to apply. (Note: If you have no GPA from Illinois or are not pursuing an engineering undergraduate degree, you do not qualify).

The scholarships for engineering undergraduate students are merit-based. To be qualified, you are expected to be involved both academically and professionally. It is therefore important to be prepared before applying. Successful candidates are typically connected with faculty in some way. For example, they may be performing research, contributing to RSOs, or volunteering.

While a strong GPA is a qualifying factor for many specific scholarships, relevant activities are also important. Well-rounded applicants have a better chance of becoming scholarship recipients. You should also be prepared to submit a resume as part of their application.

Application Process

Most scholarships require that you prepare a written application, but others do not and are based on academic performance only. For scholarships that require an application, you fill out one unique application for all the scholarships managed by the Grainger College of Engineering. A scholarship committee then reviews all applicants and takes into account all aspects and elements of the application. Applicants will then be matched with currently available scholarships, taking into account each fund's agreements and criteria.

The number and type of scholarships vary each year. From time to time, additional scholarships may become available and may be awarded based on applications that have been received for the scholarships listed below, so it is in your best interest to submit an application each year. An existing application for a given year will make you eligible for any new scholarship that becomes available between submission of that application until the following January.


The Grainger College of Engineering will notify you via email if you’re awarded a scholarship. Please check for important email notifications for additional scholarship opportunities from the Grainger College of Engineering and departments throughout the academic year.

Evaluation Process

Awarding scholarships is based on a complete review of your application, including:

  • Illinois GPA
  • Honors and achievements
  • Campus and community activities
  • Leadership roles
  • Resume
  • Recommendations

Your answers are an important part of the evaluation process because they help to determine factors and experiences that may make you eligible for scholarships with specific criteria from the donor(s) who provide the funds.


 All applications require two recommendations from professional/academic references; i.e., Illinois or other college faculty members, advisors to organizations/activities in which the student has participated, or supervisors during internships or other employment. At least one of the recommenders must be from a University of Illinois faculty member or advisor. Recommender’s webform (The student requesting your recommendation should have provided you with the webform link, their full name, their NetID, and their UIN.)

General Scholarships

The Grainger College of Engineering may award around 100 scholarships for the next academic year. There are two main characteristics for a students to qualify for any scholarship through the Grainger College of Engineering:

  1. Must be registered in an engineering undergraduate program
  2. Must be in good academic standing

Engineering scholarships have varying criteria that may include residency requirements, GPA minimums (example 3.0 or greater), specific major, or financial need. The size of Engineering scholarships varies from $1,000 to $8,000.

Do know that the total amount available to you is limited to cost of attendance, so scholarship amounts may be reduced if the aggregate is greater than the cost of attendance.

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

All SWE members who apply for Continuing Students Scholarships are automatically considered for SWE scholarships. These vary in size and numbers, depending on corporate donations, but they typically range from $500 to $2,000.

Tau Beta Pi Scholarships

All TBP members who apply for Continuing Students Scholarships are automatically considered for TBP scholarships.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

All SHPE members who apply for Continuing Students Scholarships are automatically considered for the SHPE scholarship.

Questions about scholarships?

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