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13 Fully Online Graduate Engineering Degree Programs

The Grainger College of Engineering's online engineering master's degree programs offer a rigorous and rewarding academic experience while simultaneously offering students outside of the Urbana-Champaign campus flexibility, convenience, and ease of access. Grainger Engineering's online learning environment is highly interactive with cutting-edge educational technologies that create an engaged and connected classroom experience.

The online master's degree programs are instructed by world-class faculty and feature an enriching engineering curriculum of in-demand knowledge that can be immediately applied in the workplace, allowing for maximum career growth.

Online Degree Program Offerings

Grainger Engineering offers online master's degree programs across a range of engineering subjects, allowing students to find a graduate specialization that meets their academic and professional goals. Providing a similar student experience to on-campus graduate students, the degrees awarded to Grainger Engineering Online students are the same as those awarded to on-campus students. Explore Grainger Engineering's elite online master's degree programs below.

Elevated Career Opportunities

Grainger Engineering's online graduate degrees are career-focused, delivering cutting-edge developments in engineering that expand your knowledge and skill-set. Students in these degree programs increase their ability to think critically about leading issues in engineering and make difficult strategic decisions, which ultimately increases their management and leadership potential.

Flexible Online Learning Structure

The coursework for the online master's degrees at Grainger Engineering is taken entirely online, and many programs can be completed in as little as one year through full-time study. This allows you the flexibility to build a dynamic schedule that fits seamlessly within your need for balance across work, life, and educational responsibilities. Realizing the unique needs of online students, Grainger Engineering offers student services that provide support through the online degree experience.

Renowned Faculty Experts

The Grainger College of Engineering faculty members are leaders in their respective specializations, with extensive experience and expertise. With a passion for driving innovation in engineering, they are pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge research and theory development.

As a result, Grainger Engineering students benefit from the mentorship of elite faculty members that love what they do and are dedicated to the success of every student. The faculty leading the online engineering master's degree programs also lead on-campus courses, ensuring online students have an equivalent academic experience.

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Admission Next Steps

Those interested in applying for admission to one of Grainger Engineering's online engineering master’s programs should hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college. Each of the degree programs have additional unique requirements related to prerequisites and past academic experience. Applicants must follow the specific application requirements for their intended degree program as set forth by the University of Illinois and the academic department of interest.

Prospective students may take courses prior to being admitted to an online master's degree program. Up to 12 hours of credit taken prior to being admitted may be transferred into the degree program with appropriate departmental approval. Please note that taking courses prior to admission does not guarantee future admission to a degree program. Students are also encouraged to learn more about the online degree tuition and fees.

If you have further questions about the admissions process or need assistance with your application, please contact our Office of Online Programs team at 217-333-6634 or

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Ready to achieve your professional goals? An online master's degree from The Grainger College of Engineering gives you the opportunity to elevate your engineering career through deeper technical knowledge and elevated leadership ability.

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