How It Works

Tour the online learning experience

The following video lecture samples will allow you to preview the format of courses offered through the Engineering Online program. Most courses are delivered as streaming video with synchronized slides.

Virtual Classroom Experience

As an Engineering Online student, you can expect an immersive learning environment, with a challenging curriculum taught by our world-class faculty. Rich media tools such as Kaltura lecture-capture and interactive web-based communication tools such as Canvas, Zoom, MS Teams, and Slack enable students to experience the classroom setting and interact with the course in ways that were never before possible.

  • Most lecture recordings are asynchronous and generally post 2 hours after the conclusion of the lecture.

Program & Course Pacing

Online programs follow the same semester-based schedule as on-campus Engineering programs. Course instructors will provide a syllabus outlining the course material and lecture schedule, as well as timing for assignments, projects, and exams. Engineering Online courses are not self-paced, correspondence courses. Students are expected to complete their work and submit proctored exams within the guidelines set by the instructor.

Test Proctoring & Grading

All students (including returning students) must submit proposed proctor information each semester. A proctor may not be related to (by blood, marriage, or other legal relationship), be a peer, report to, have equivalent title or responsibilities with, the individual enrolled in the course. The proctor will be responsible for receiving the exam, locking the exam in a secure place, following the specific guidelines for proctoring the exam (i.e., time frame, open or closed book/notes, use of calculators, etc.), and for delivery of the exam back to our office. Grading policies are set by the Graduate College at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Course Numbering & Credit

Graduate courses are offered at the 400 and 500 levels and graduate credit is given in terms of hours. Most graduate professional development certificates require the completion of between 6 and 12 credit hours. Graduate master’s degree programs require the completion of 32 or 36 credit hours.

System Requirements

Since you will be conducting your coursework online, including watching lectures and submitting assignments, we recommend that you have a good quality computer and a reliable Internet connection. A fast, reliable Internet connection makes it easier to participate in the class. Taking classes with connections under 128Kbps is possible, but we recommend a broadband connection.

Minimum Technology Requirements:

  • Broadband Internet connection (3.0 Mbps required, 4.0+ Mbps recommended)
  • “Fast” computer (any PC or Mac 4 years old or newer), speakers, sound card
  • Windows OS, Mac, or Linux systems are options when taking our courses
  • Web browser (Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 6+ or most recent version)

Recommended Technology and Equipment: