Postdoctoral Opportunities

Your ideas flourish at Illinois.

We know what it takes to make a difference. From the LED to the first web browsers and everything in-between, our work has revolutionized the world for decades. But it didn't happen overnight.

Everything starts with an idea, a spark of brilliance from researchers like you. At Illinois, those ideas aren't left to flicker on their own. Instead, we ensure you have the power to kindle your ideas into brightly burning flames.

We not only want you to succeed, we give you the tools to do it. With sophisticated facilities that are always expanding and award-winning professors, our postdoctoral researchers have a community of innovative minds standing both behind and beside them. Ideas may start as thoughts, but it takes the right environment and community to bring them to life.

We encourage. We empower. We are The Grainger College of Engineering.

So...What's Your Idea?
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  1. Why Be a Postdoc
    Learn some of the reasons and benefits of pursuing postdoctoral research.

  2. Find an Expert
    Find U of I research, view scholarly works, and discover new collaborators.
  3. Apply
    Learn about and apply to our postdoctoral research programs.
  4. Resources
    How to get Started and Plan for your Postdoc.

  5. Find Funding
    See what postdoctoral research programs and funding are available to you.

  6. Connect
    How to connect with other postdocs.

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