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Developing Partnerships to Drive Business Forward

The world's top companies are drawn to partnerships with The Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois because of our global reputation for leadership in engineering research and education. Engagement with The Grainger College of Engineering fosters collaborative opportunities where industry and research can generate technology and breakthroughs that spur innovation.

Why Become a Corporate Partner at Grainger Engineering?

Partnering with The Grainger College of Engineering facilitates a bright future for engineering education and research while also supporting your organization’s goals for progress and growth at both the company and employee levels. Being a partner means being part of leading-edge projects and programs with limitless potential that can drive exceptional research, increase the pool of talented future employees, and advance your industry forward.

Giving back to the community that allows The Grainger College of Engineering to thrive is fundamental to the mission of the University of Illinois. From programs for budding engineers to support for underrepresented groups, we make it our mission to spread the knowledge and possibilities that come from a world-class engineering institution.

Grainger Engineering graduates are some of the most sought after members of the tech and entrepreneurial workforce. Corporations can get a foot in the door early for recruiting Grainger Engineering students for internships and employment after graduation by participating in our many recruitment and networking opportunities on campus.

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Research is at the heart of The Grainger College of Engineering. The research our world class faculty and students are conducting every single day is changing our world in ways never before imagined.

Corporate organizations can partner with Grainger Engineering faculty, researchers, and students to revolutionize their industry through the sponsorship of groundbreaking research at Grainger Engineering. Countless innovations have taken place on this campus and many more are to come with continued corporate partnerships and support.

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From YouTube to PayPal, some of our generation’s greatest entrepreneurs have come from The Grainger College of Engineering. This innovative spirit is encouraged and developed in every Grainger engineer from undergraduate students to faculty members.

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Grainger Engineering's suite of professional education options for working professionals includes: 

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Meet the Grainger Engineering Corporate Relations Team

Grainger Engineering’s Corporate Relations Team builds connections with prospective partners, helping to meet goals and ensure a bright future for Grainger students. We are dedicated to building strategic partnerships that support all stakeholders. If you have questions or would like to learn more about becoming a corporate partner at Grainger, contact one of our team members today.

Kent Studer
Senior Director of Corporate Relations 
(217) 300-4671

Melissa Belcher

Melissa Belcher
Associate Director of Corporate Relations

"I'm interning as a software engineer at Signal in Chicago this semester, and this company is fantastic! I love the open office format, the stand-up meetings, and the coding experience I'm gaining here."

Riqui Li, Computer Science '20
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City Scholars

The Grainger College of Engineering’s City Scholars program is building Chicago’s tech pipeline by pairing our outstanding graduates with renowned corporations in the city. Partnering with the City Scholars program can help corporations in Chicago identify, hire, and retain some of the world’s most talented engineers and computer scientists to compete with coastal markets and grow an elite tech workforce in the city.

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Research Park

Located on the University of Illinois campus, the Research Park is home to more than 120+ companies and is rapidly growing, employing 2,100 people in high-technology careers and cultivating innovative startups. At any given time, more than 800 student interns are gaining valuable experiential learning and work experience while making real contributions to internal corporate R&D and product development programs.

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Siebel Center for Design

The Siebel Center for Design (SCD) at the University of Illinois is at the forefront of harnessing the potential of design thinking and design learning in our teaching, research, and engagement. The SCD fosters cross-campus, multidisciplinary collaboration to channel our students’ outstanding talents and develop expertise, passion, and creativity toward issues and lives of consequence.

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Connect Your Organization to Grainger Engineering

Becoming a corporate partner to the University of Illinois Grainger College of Engineering is a commitment to the future of engineering education and innovative research that has the potential to change the world. Want to learn more about being a corporate partner? Tell us more about your company's vision and goals.

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