Campaign Cabinet

Meet our Campaign Cabinet

Our With Illinois Grainger Engineering campaign cabinet is comprised of six engineering alumni leaders who are helping prepare The Grainger College of Engineering for the future. These volunteers act as ambassadors for The Grainger College of Engineering and work to activate and strengthen the college’s engineering network.


Bernard “Bud” Cherry

“It’s important for me to give back because my engineering education at the University of Illinois was the backbone of my ability to be successful in my career, particularly as a senior executive.”

BS, Chemistry, ’62
MS, Nuclear Engineering, ’63

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Carolyn Eberhard

“I fully believe in giving back. I would not be where I am today without my degree from Illinois.”

BS, Civil Engineering ’83

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Atef Eltoukhy

“My education allowed me to accomplish great things. I believe that I have a duty to help others receive an education. That is the legacy of having a great education from the University of Illinois.”

PhD, Metallurgical Engineering ’78

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Bruce Koe

“My wife and I built our careers on our college educations as a strong foundation. We felt that we had done well and that we wanted to return and give back. We have four grandchildren and have our fingers crossed that at least one of them will decide to attend the U of I!”

BS, Mechanical Engineering ’66

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Mary McDowell

“Starting in 1867, multiple generations of taxpayers and donors have contributed to make Grainger Engineering a world-class institution. As a beneficiary of the great legacy of those that came before me, I am honored to be able to contribute toward the institution’s success as it evolves for the next generation and beyond.”

BS, Computer Science ’86

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Philip Ryan

“My engineering degree meant a tremendous amount to me. There’s a process around analytics, decision-making, and problem solving that has been useful to me my entire career.”

BS, Industrial Engineering ’78

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