Lectures in General Engineering

The following lecture examples will give you a chance to see the format of the General Engineering courses offered by the University of Illinois Engineering Online program. These courses contain streaming video lectures with synchronized slides.

The course demos use Windows Media Technology and must be viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0 or later along with Windows Media Player using a Windows operating system on your computer.

ENG 460: Entrepreneurship for Engineers

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  • Instructor: Chris Harbourt
  • Course Description: This course is designed to help students understand the entrepreneurial process of assembling teams, building resources, and developing new market strategies. Successful entrepreneurs and other experts cover concepts such as: evaluation of business ideas, obtaining financing, legal and business issues, and product development. The material is appropriate for implementation in new or existing corporate organizations. Students are responsible for lecture material and outside reading materials.
  • Prerequisites: None

ENG 471: Seminar Energy and Sustainable Engineering

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  • Instructor: John Abelson
  • Course Description: Challenges of developing energy systems and civil infrastructure that are sustainable in terms of resource availability, security, and environmental impact are considered. Lectures will focus on (i) global challenges: future energy demand, geologic sources of energy, climate change, energy-water nexus, and energy and security; (ii) markets, policies and systems: economic incentives, policy and law, and life cycle analyses; and (iii) opportunities for change: CO2 sequestration, renewable power, bioenergy feedstocks, biofuels for transportation, energy use in buildings, advanced power conversion, and the smart grid.
  • Prerequisites: Undergraduate degree in engineering or science.