Lectures in Aerospace Engineering

The following lecture examples will give you a chance to see the format of the Aerospace Engineering courses offered by the University of Illinois Engineering Online program. These courses contain streaming video lectures with synchronized slides.

The course demos use Windows Media Technology and must be viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0 or later along with Windows Media Player using a Windows operating system on your computer.

AE 402: Orbital Mechanics

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  • Instructor: Bruce Conway
  • Course Description: Analysis of orbits in an inverse-square gravitational field; elementary rocket dynamics, impulsive orbit transfer and rendezvous, and Lambert's Theorem with applications; patched-conic trajectories, planetary gravity-assist maneuvers, and linearized orbit theory with application to simplified analytical models; perturbations are covered in this course.
  • Prerequisites: A course in Aerospace Flight Mechanics (AE 202).

AE 419: Aircraft Flight Mechanics

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  • Instructor:  Francesco Panerai
  • Course Description: Steady and quasi-steady aircraft flight performance; take-off and landing, climbing and diving, cruise, level turn, and energy methods; longitudinal, directional, and lateral static stability and control; and longitudinal and lateral motion and dynamic stability are covered in this course.
  • Prerequisites: BS degree in engineering or science from an accredited college in the United States or an approved institution of higher learning abroad and a course in Aerospace Flight Mechanics (AE 202) and Aerospace Control Systems (AE 353).

AE 420/ME 471: Finite Element Analysis

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  • Instructor: Kai James
  • Course Description: This course covers the finite element method and its application to engineering problems: truss and frame structures, heat conduction, and linear elasticity; use of application software; overview of advanced topics such as structural dynamics, fluid flow, and nonlinear structural analysis.
  • Prerequisites: Basic course in computing with application to engineering and undergraduate course in mechanical design.

AE 542: Aerospace Syst Engineering I

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  • Instructor: Jason Merret
  • Course Description: Aerospace systems engineering principles; processes and practices for the definition of spacecraft, aircraft, launch and associated system;, and the application of the systems approach across the development life cycle are covered in this course.
  • Prerequisites: Undergraduate degree and a course in Aerospace Systems Design I (AE 442), Aerospace Systems Design II (AE 443), Computer Organization & Design (ECE 411), or Design of Structural Systems (CEE 465).