Technological Innovations Driving a Hydrogen-Electric Aviation Future

Technological Innovations Driving a Hydrogen-Electric Aviation Future


10/5/2023 | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST

At Grainger Engineering, we build tomorrow. 

The aeronautics industry has been challenged on many fronts to increase flight efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease dependence on traditional hydrocarbon fuels. Recently, the aviation sector has surpassed a CO2 production rate of one billion metric tons per year, which without new interventions in policy, technology and business practices, will further increase alongside the growing air-transport market. Electrification of aircraft systems offers a promising avenue for decarbonizing aviation, though in a fashion unique from approaches used in other transportation markets. 

Join Dean Rashid Bashir as he moderates this talk led by Phillip Ansell who will provide a background of aircraft electrification, describe technological developments that enable improvements towards environmentally responsible air transportation and forecast a vision for future generations of aircraft systems.

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