Grainger Engineering's Illinois Microreactor Demonstration Project


Grainger Engineering's Illinois Microreactor Demonstration Project

03/21/23 | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST

At Grainger Engineering, we build tomorrow. 

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is on track to be an early site for microreactor technology through deployment of Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation's Micro-Modular Reactor as an advanced research and test reactor. 

Join Dean Rashid Bashir as he moderates this informative webinar led by Dr. Caleb Brooks who will overview the project goals, approach, status, and major drivers towards adoption of microreactors through the Grainger Engineering's Illinois Microreactor Demonstration Project.

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Nuclear microreactors are a new class of nuclear fission technology capable of producing up to roughly 20 MWth depending on design. Beyond their size, the primary distinguishing features over other fission systems is that microreactors are designed to be: factory built and delivered to site by truck, rail, or ship; plug-and-play with minimal onsite construction or preparation; capable of long operational periods between refueling (10-20 years); and minimal decommissioning required to return the site to greenfield status. Nuclear microreactors are a promising technology to enable a clean, climate conscious, energy future. The campus deployment focuses on the research, education, and training necessary to see advanced reactor technology become widely deployable, marketable, economic, and ultimately a safe and reliable option for a clean energy future.