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On Campus With Rashid

In the past year, The Grainger College of Engineering has commemorated the 75th anniversary of the transistor and the passing of Nick Holonyak Jr., inventor of the world's first practical visible-light LED. These milestones have reminded us that Grainger Engineers have always led the way in solving the world’s biggest problems.

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XR and Immersive Computing

There are many applications for the systems this XR project will create. For example, there are transformative benefits for areas like healthcare, education, crisis response, manufacturing, training, and more.

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Nation's First Bachelor's Degree in neural engineering

This degree program will train students to become the next generation of neural engineers with a high level of rigor that will enable them to integrate fundamental principles of bioengineering, neuroscience, imaging and data science.

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Introducing the Plasmatron X

The sky isn't the limit for a unique experimental facility that will help humanity reach Titan and beyond.

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top ten ranked degree programs and specialties

top 5 ranked degrees and specialities

overall undergraduate degree program

overall graduate degree program

overall ranking among online master's in engineering

of undergraduate students participate in research

women in undergraduate class

of undergraduates land their first-choice destination

Nobel Prize winners

Physics for the masses, one song at a time

Introducing a physics podcast for the masses. A shared love of physics, music and education outreach has been sparking a creative partnership between Maggie and Fahad Mamood for the last 14 years.

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A Building Block of Modern Tech

The transistor celebrated its 75th birthday in December 2022. One of its inventors, John Bardeen, spent most of his career at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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Prepare to Fly the ENVIRONMENTALLY Friendly Skies

Through innovations in hydrogen, electrification, modeling, and design optimization, sustainable aircraft are approaching takeoff. Grainger Engineers are helping to usher in this new era of aviation

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We solve

Pursuing a Rich Portfolio of Microelectronics Research

Researchers are finding solutions in every dimension of the microelectronics domain.

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Blazing a Trail

UI alums’ Ascent Integrated Technology aids firefighters with high-tech platform 

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Grainger Engineering launches Professional Master of Computer Science degree

Chicago skyline

Announcing a new Professional Master of Computer Science degree in Chicago with the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI), designed as a path for CS students to continue their education and accelerate their careers. The Grainger College of Engineering’s Computer Science graduate program is ranked 5th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.