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'This is revolutionary'

As the Cancer Center at Illinois enters its second decade, Rohit Bhargava reflects on its unusual approach to cancer research and its impact on people’s health and well-being.

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Building an Ark

Coral reefs aren’t threatened by a flood, but they are dying because changes are brewing in the ocean. A team that includes several Grainger Engineers is designing materials and structures to help save and restore those reefs.

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Reconstructing the Construction Industry

Based on ideas and technology developed at The Grainger College of Engineering, the early-stage technology company,  Reconstruct is bringing computer vision and AI to buildings, infrastructure, and retail stores around the world.

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Natural Language Processing

Professor Julia Hockenmaier explains how natural language processing will impact construction and other fields.

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AI in Construction Institute

Faculty members team with more than 80 organizations to foster new, high-impact research in the construction industry.

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A New, Diverse Workforce

Recently launched programs — one in quantitative biology and one in quantum information science — will prepare a new, diverse workforce in highly technical fields that struggle to find enough talent.

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Improving Bone Graft Surgeries With Better Biomaterials

More than two million bone graft surgeries occur annually across the world to address defects in the bones of the skull. A research team led by Professor Brendan Harley is working to develop implantable biomaterials that can regenerate lost bone.

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Sandia Mural Celebrates Mason and Women in Science

On the side of a building on the campus of Sandia National Laboratories’ Science & Technology Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a vibrant new mural celebrating women in science was completed in 2021. The mural was inspired by Professor Nadya Mason and her work in the field of condensed matter physics.

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Mapping Future Climate Costs for Airlines, Passengers

Grainger Engineer Lavanya Marla helps build a mathematical model to calculate how much it will cost airlines to cope with rising temperatures.

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Model Shows COVID-19 Will Be Endemic, Sticking Around Like the Flu and Common Cold

A team of scientists, including Grainger Engineers, has developed an epidemiological model that encompasses the randomness and dynamic variability of individual social interactions, as well as individual differences in the size of social networks.

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'In Our Blood'

New ultrasound research from Grainger Engineering faculty extends longstanding leadership in the field.

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'A Vastly Superior Tool'

How teams led by Grainger Engineers Bill and Frank Fry, Floyd Dunn, and Bill O’Brien brought medical ultrasound into the world.

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Boomtown: Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building

The project includes a new five-level, 25,000 square feet addition to the east of MEB, a 3,000 sq. ft. space increase on the north end, and more than 60,000 square feet  of existing space reimagined, reengineered,  and optimized for education, innovation, and  community.

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