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25 years in the making the Hoeft Technology & Management Program


Since The Hoeft Technology & Management Program began in 1995, nearly 1,000 engineering and business students from the University of Illinois have completed the program, carrying with them Leonard Hoeft’s vision of merging two disciplines to better compete in a global marketplace. Leonard (B.S. ’47, Finance) and Mary Lou Hoeft's initial gift of $1 million helped launch the joint partnership between The Grainger College of Engineering and Gies College of Business. Their subsequent outright gift of $5.5 million permanently endowed the program, which is now celebrating the completion of its 25th year.

The Hoeft’s philanthropic support has led to the program’s continued growth, attracting the brightest students from both colleges, and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, through a highly selective process. The T&M Program currently boasts corporate partners with Abbott, Anheuser-Busch, Boeing, bp, Caterpillar, John Deere, Motorola Solutions, Synchrony, and T-Mobile. Lasting relationships are built between the students, alumni, and corporate affiliates through networking opportunities held both domestically and abroad.

“This program and the relationships students build with each other have been highlights of many graduates’ time at Illinois,” T&M Program Director John Quarton said. “People often ask me, 'What do T&M students do after they graduate?’ Given the opportunities made possible by the Hoefts, my initial reply is, ‘Just about anything they want.’”

Though plans to celebrate the program’s milestone anniversary are on hold as the pandemic creates challenges, an in-person event involving current and former students, faculty, staff, corporate affiliates, and other supporters will take place when it’s safe to do so.

About the Program

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Historic Timeline

A look back at 25 years of The Hoeft Technology & Management Program highlights Leonard Hoeft’s forward-thinking approach to business and technology in a global economy, and the people who have championed his vision to keep a growing program on the front edge of innovation.

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Meet Brian Dardon

B.S. '20, Mechanical Engineering
Minor '20, Technology & Management

Meet Priya Bharath

B.S. '20, Materials Science and Engineering
Minor '20, Technology & Management

Meet Niket Shah

B.S. '19, Mechanical Engineering/M.S. '20, Mechanical Engineering
Minor '19, Technology & Management

Meet Madison Minnick

B.S. '20, Computer Science
Minor '20, Technology & Management

Corporate Affiliates

Abbott A Promise for Life

Anheuser Busch




John Deere

Motorola Solutions




The Grainger College of Engineering is proud to support the Hoeft Technology & Management Program as we share in its celebration of 25 years promoting an interdisciplinary partnership between our college and The Gies College of Business.

This first-of-its-kind program continues to attract diverse and exceptional students from these two disciplines. We are committed to supporting the program’s students in their intellectual pursuits, collaborative goals, and global education that remains essential in keeping the program at the forefront of an ever-changing world.

Rashid Bashir
Dean, The Grainger College of Engineering


One of the many things that I love about The Hoeft Technology & Management program is the value and emphasis it places on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurialism – three areas that we value highly in Gies College of Business. We want  Illinois to be known worldwide as the place to study – and practice –technology, innovation, and entrepreneurialism, and the T&M Program allows students to do just that.

Further, it brings together two colleges –engineering and business –in a spirit of collaboration that benefits all involved. Collaboration produces greater ideas; it strengthens projects; it turns good ideas into great ones; it extends reach and impact; it continually brings improvement and fresh perspectives and better results. Collaboration really is the heartbeat of the working world, and our engineering and business students are better prepared for that world through their collaborations as part of the T&M Program.

Jeffrey R. Brown
Dean,  Gies College of Business

Meet Anthony Valente

Business Development Programs Manager, bp
B.S. '90, Chemical Engineering

Meet Deborah Thurston

Professor, Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering
Former Academic Co-Director, T&M Program, The Grainger College of Engineering

Meet Steven Michael

Former  Academic Co-Director, T&M Program,  Gies College of Business

Meet Brian Schmidt

Entrepreneur & COO, Deep Coat
T&M minor, '09; B.S. '10; M.S. '17, Aerospace

Meet Samantha Knoll

Global Product Lead at The Climate Corporation
B.S. '11, M.S. '13, Ph. D. '16, Engineering Mechanics
Hoeft T&M Class XV

Meet Dirk Maloney

Manager Customer and Digital Strategy at PwC
B.S. ’15, Supply Chain Management, Information Systems & Information Technology
Hoeft T&M Class XIX