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The Bardeen Quad is ripped up this semester.

Chain-link fences, busted concrete, and curious pedestrians are right in the thick of things. At the Coordinated Science Laboratory, people had to get used to the sound—and vibrations—of the pile driving less than 10 feet outside their windows. The Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering with dozens of faculty, thousands of square feet of lab space, and hundreds of classrooms have pulled up stakes entirely. They’re in temporary spaces this year while their home is renovated and expanded.

Grainger Engineering’s faculty are fearless in their approach to teaching and research. They’re rigorous. They’re always in search of a better way. And they’re dedicated to helping students follow their own curiosity and passion. Five forward-looking construction projects will give them the infrastructure and space they need to succeed.

“When you’re kicking up this much dust, you’re making serious progress and creating great new opportunities. There’s currently just under $200 million in construction and improvements underway at The Grainger College of Engineering. The impact of these new facilities is going to be tremendous.”

—Dean Rashid Bashir, The Grainger College of Engineering