LED nanorod pixels



Science (Feb. 9) – An advance by a team of researchers from Illinois, the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in South Korea and Dow Chemical may turn the display market on its head by eliminating the need for backlights in LCD devices. They have produced an LED pixel out of nanorods capable of both emitting and detecting light. Also: IEEE Spectrum (New York, Feb. 9), Phys.Org (Feb. 9), Science Daily (Feb. 9), The Engineer (Feb. 10), ScienceBlog (Feb. 9), UOL (in Spanish, Feb. 10), ZME Science (Feb. 10), India.com (Feb. 10), Science 360 (NSF, Feb. 13), Lifehacker India (Haryana, India, Feb. 13), New Electronics (Feb. 13), Elektor (blog, Feb. 14).