Alien megastructure


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Phys.Org (Douglas, Isle of Man, Dec. 20) – A team of scientists at Illinois – physics graduate student Mohammed Sheikh, working with professors Karin Dahmen and Richard Weaver – offers an entirely novel solution for a star’s irregular dimming. They suggest the luminosity variations may be intrinsic to the star itself. Also: Science Alert (Dec. 16), Physics (Dec. 19), Yahoo (Dec. 20), Inverse (Dec. 20), Daily Mail (UK, Dec. 21), Space Daily (Dec. 22), The Sun (Dec. 22), Tech Times (Dec. 22), Highly Cited (Dec. 22), International Business Times (Dec. 21), iTech Post (Dec. 22), Daily Galaxy (blog, Dec. 21), Quartz (Dec. 22), Fox News (Dec. 22), 14U News (Dec. 22), News Recorder (Dec. 22), Space (New York, Dec. 29).

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This story was published December 20, 2016.