Graphene quantum dots could reduce waste CO2



Nanowerk (Honolulu, Dec. 19) -- Graphene quantum dots may offer a simple way to recycle waste carbon dioxide into valuable fuel rather than release it into the atmosphere or bury it underground, according to new research published by an international collaboration of scientists. “If we can convert a sizable fraction of the carbon dioxide that is emitted, we could curb the rising levels of atmospheric CO2 levels which have been linked to climate change,” said Paul Kenis, professor and head of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Illinois. Also: ScienceBlog (Dec. 15), Phys.Org (Dec. 15), New Atlas (Dec. 18), The Engineer (UK, Dec. 19), Futurism (Dec. 19), Controlled Environments Magazine (Dec. 19), R&D Magazine (Dec. 19), Silicon Republic (Dec. 19), Tech Fragments (Dec. 20).