Mantis shrimp-inspires biomedical imaging



NPR (Nov. 15) – A collaborative team of engineers and wildlife biologists, co-led by Viktor Gruev, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Illinois, is working on a set of imaging technologies inspired by the ability of the mantis shrimp to detect polarized light. With the camera the team is developing, Gruev says, cancer surgeons might one day be able to much more clearly see the margins of the tumors they need to remove. Also: WAMU-FM (Washington, D.C., Nov. 15), KPCC-FM (Southern California Public Radio, Los Angeles, Nov. 15), Science Recorder (Nov. 16), Specialty Pharmacy Times (Nov. 16), ASEE FirstBell (Nov. 16), Big Ten Network (Nov. 22), LiveScience (Nov. 26), Yahoo! News (from LiveScience; Nov. 28).