Record number of women in College's freshmen class


The News-Gazette

News-Gazette (Aug. 22) -- Women will make up about 25 percent of the freshmen class at the University of Illinois College of Engineering this year, a new high. Kevin Pitts, associate dean of undergraduate programs said the college estimates that a quarter of its roughly 1,500 freshmen are female. "That's up significantly from where we've been in the past. It's a record freshmen class. There's been a real effort over many years to kind of change the mindset" of young women — and others — that science and engineering "isn't just for boys," he said. Also: National Science Foundation (press release, Aug. 23), ASEE FirstBell (Aug. 23), WCIA-TV (Champaign, Ill., Aug. 23), Fox Illinois 55/27 (Aug. 23).