Faculty-alumni startup: Veriflow



CIO (Boston, Mass., April 5) -- Veriflow, a U of I startup with backing from the U.S. Defense Department, says it can make sure  your network is safe from attacks and failure. Diagrams and network engineers' knowledge used to be enough to make sure the right packets would go through a network in the right way. Now infrastructure has become too complex, and changes too frequent, to rely on that approach, CTO and co-founder Brighten Godfrey said. Also: Computerworld (April 5), Infoworld (April 5), SiliconANGLE (blog; April 5), IT World Canada (April 5), NetworkWorld (April 5), ChicagoInno (Apirl 5), eWeek (April 5), Internet News.com (April 6).

Related story: The PE Hub Network (April 6) -- New Enterprise Associates, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Defense invested $2.9 million in initial investor funding in Veriflow, a network breach and outage prevention company. The new software, designed for CISOs, network architects, engineers and operators, uses mathematical network verification, which is based on the principles of formal verification, to bulletproof today’s most complex networks. Also: FierceEnterpriseCommunications (April 6).