Desalinization+new battery



Gizmag (Feb. 4) -- Much scientific effort goes into shoring up both our energy and water supplies for the future, but what if both problems could be addressed by the same technology? Researchers at Illinois have come up with a new battery design that not only relies on salt water to store and release electricity, but removes the salt ions from the water in the process. Also: (Feb. 5), ScienceBlog (Feb. 1), The Engineer (UK, Feb. 5), Nanowerk (Feb. 4), Crazy Engineers (India, Feb. 4), NDTV (Feb. 4), Science Codex (Feb. 4), Microfinance Monitor (Feb. 5), SlashGear (Feb. 5), Economic Times (India, Feb. 6), Tech Times (Feb. 6), The TeCake (Feb. 6), The Siasat Daily (Feb. 5), BGR India (Feb. 6), WaterWorld (West Chester, Pa., Feb. 15), Environmental Leader (Feb. 26).