DNA sequencing & Big Data


NBC News

NBC News (July 7) -- The growing field of genomics may produce more data in 10 years than huge services like YouTube and Twitter, according to a team of Illinois scientists. Also: Nature (July 7), Washington Post (July 7), Science Codex (July 7), Phys.Org (Isle of Man, July 7), Yahoo News UK (July 7), Med City News (July 7), International Business Times UK (London, July 8), RT.com (July 8), E&T Magazine (July 8), Science 2.0 (July 9), Tech Times (July 9), The Scientist (Midland, Ontario, July 8), Nature (original journal article, London; July 7), Bioscience Technology (Rockaway, New Jersey, July 17).

Related stories: Phys.Org (Isle of Man, July 6) -- Next-generation DNA sequencing technologies have turned the vision of precision medicine into a plausible reality, but also threaten to overwhelm computing infrastructures with unprecedented volumes of data. A recent $1.3 million award from the National Institutes of Health will allow researchers at Illinois and Stanford to help address this challenge by developing novel data compression strategies.

Forbes (opinion, July 20) -- According to a recent paper, Illinois researchers say there is a very reasonable possibility that a significant fraction of the world’s human population will have their genomes sequenced.