EOH: 100 Years of Innovation

The first Engineering Open House was in 1920, and it is now an integral part of the Grainger Engineering experience.

Written by Tommy Figel

Engineering Open House is the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s grand demonstration of what it means to be a Grainger Engineer. Celebrating EOH’s 100-year anniversary, our four-part docuseries takes a look into the success the event has had and persistent passion that makes it possible. Through the eyes of the current faculty and student committee, the series explores some of the events' highlights and inevitable complexities leading up to an unforgettable 100-year anniversary.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused unprecedented decisions to be made about this years event. The series captures the uncertainty and disappointment, but also the resolve and optimism the Grainger Engineers felt as a result.  

Episode 1


Getting to Know EOH

Meet the 2020 committee and learn about the moving parts behind the upcoming Engineering Open House. The students and staff detail the hard work and passion that planning the event takes and the major milestones that must be met to make it successful. With limited help from faculty and staff, the students ultimately take the reins in planning, developing, and executing the open house that draws in over 20,000 attendees each year.


Episode 2


Through the Years

Engineering Open House has a storied history. In the past 100 years, it has been the place to see cutting-edge innovations before they are popularized, and see how students are at the forefront of science and engineering. Learn about the impact it has had on technologies that are now everyday necessities, how it has inspired future engineers, and how it has showcased the hard work of generations of students.  


Episode 3


Racing the Clock

As the long-awaited Engineering Open House 100 approaches, the committees work hard on their plans, and their anticipation grows for what will be a memorable year. They share their hopes to expand from the content of previous years while introducing new content to create a fitting tribute for the big anniversary. 

Every year there are road bumps and challenges to overcome, but this year unprecedented events cause the committee to make hard decisions.  


Episode 4


Looking Forward

Engineering Open House won't be the same in its 100th year.  After a unanimous, yet heartbreaking decision due to the coronavirus, the committee contemplates a new direction for EOH. Members of the Grainger Engineering community reflect on what this change means to them, and what the legacy of this year's EOH will have. The group reflects on their experiences with EOH, and what they hope for the future of the event.  


The EOH 2020 Committee would like to thank this year's sponsors

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