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Giving Impact Stories

Savannah Goodman

  • EVS
  • Alumna

Grainger Engineer, 2014

My scholarship helped fund my international travel to Uganda, which incited my passion for global energy access and has led me to pursue a career focused on distributed energy resources and microgrids. 

Meet Savannah Goodman

Dana Yun

  • EVS
  • Student

Grainger Engineer, 2022

My parents moved to the United States to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I was born and raised here, so the University of Illinois is my home.

Meet Dana Yun

Jeremy Quinteros

  • EVS
  • Student

Grainger Engineer, 2022

I am a first-generation college student in my family, and I greatly appreciate the support I’ve been given to accomplish my goals.

Meet Jeremy Quinteros

Nick Rivera

  • EVS
  • Alumnus

Grainger Engineer, 2015

I believe those who experience success have an obligation to help others experience success. I have been fortunate enough to pay my experiences forward to Illinois, because I personally have benefited much from my time there.

Meet Nick Rivera

Julia Brodecki

  • EVS
  • Alumni

Grainger Engineer, 2020

Being a woman in STEM, I understand some of the barriers present in my field of study. However, I have also seen how the scholarships I received set me up for success and how philanthropy can have a significant impact on increasing diversity and inclusion at The Grainger College of Engineering.

Meet Julia Brodecki

Jose Mancias

  • EVS
  • Student

Materials Science and Engineering, 2020

Thanks to the David Opperman Study Abroad Scholarship, David was able to take the skills he learned at the University of Illinois and use them around the world.

Meet Jose Mancias

Samira Tungare

  • EVS
  • Student

Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2020

“I recognize the impact that donors and scholarships have on current students. I hope in my future I will have the ability to give back.”

Meet Samira Tungare

Jacob Perakis

  • EVS
  • Student

Computer Science, 2021

“This scholarship made it possible for my family to send me, my brother, and my sister to college for an affordable price. We are on track to be the first in our family to complete a college degree.”

Meet Jacob Perakis