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Giving Impact Stories

Jose Mancias

  • David Opperman Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Student

Materials Science and Engineering, 2020

Thanks to the David Opperman Study Abroad Scholarship, David was able to take the skills he learned at the University of Illinois and use them around the world.

Meet Jose Mancias

Samira Tungare

  • EVS
  • Student

Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2020

“I recognize the impact that donors and scholarships have on current students. I hope in my future I will have the ability to give back.”

Meet Samira Tungare

Jacob Perakis

  • EVS
  • Student

Computer Science, 2021

“This scholarship made it possible for my family to send me, my brother, and my sister to college for an affordable price. We are on track to be the first in our family to complete a college degree.”

Meet Jacob Perakis

Sarah Osman

  • EVS
  • Student

Mechanical Science and Engineering, 2019

“I was confident that an engineering degree from The Grainger College of Engineering would be great preparation for my future career as an engineer.”

Meet Sarah Osman

Abigail Iuorio

  • EVS
  • Student

Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2020

“I chose my major because of my desire to give back, specifically to the environment. My mentality has always been to leave the world better than I found it. This dream is made possible through my scholarship.”

Meet Abigail Iuorio

Oscar Zepeda

  • EVS
  • Student

Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, 2022

“I am inspired to pay things forward by being a role model to those within my community and within my program, and to do my best to contribute in any way possible to society.”

Meet Oscar Zepeda

Vongai Tizora

  • EVS
  • Student

Bioengineering, 2022

“Being surrounded by such extraordinary resources and students is a great source of motivation and inspiration for me.”

Meet Vongai Tizora

Larry and Rosalie Sur

  • EVS
  • Donor

Civil Engineering, 1964, 1965

“We decided to direct our scholarship to Civil Engineering because that is the department I graduated from and I feel so much a part of ... We also give to Bioengineering, because we feel this is a great program for the future. The combination of engineering and medicine is a wonderful thing.”

Meet Larry and Rosalie Sur