Giving Impact Stories

Larry and Rosalie Sur

  • Donors
  • EVS

Civil Engineering, 1964, 1965

“We decided to direct our scholarship to Civil Engineering because that is the department I graduated from and I feel so much a part of ... We also give to Bioengineering, because we feel this is a great program for the future. The combination of engineering and medicine is a wonderful thing.”

Meet Larry and Rosalie Sur

Bruce and Linda Koe

  • Donors

Mechanical Science and Engineering, 1964, 1966

"Since we have retired Linda and I have focused our efforts on supporting three of our passions: women in engineering, feeding the hungry, and helping immigrants to sustainability. We decided that rather than go on cruises or such that we wanted to give back. And we hope to be an example of giving back to our children, grandchildren and others … and inspire them to reach out and help others."

Meet Bruce and Linda Koe

Katherine Coles

  • Donor
  • EVS

Electrical Engineering, 2009

“I knew about The Grainger Matching Challenge and knew I wanted to take advantage of it. Combining everything tripled what my contribution would have been alone, and that felt so meaningful.”

Meet Katherine Coles

Lauren Schissler

  • Student
  • EVS

Civil Engineering, 2022

“I am very thankful to receive financial assistance to attend Illinois Engineering. As a student here, I plan to pay it forward by being welcoming to all students to help create a positive community. Once I have achieved success and have financial resources of my own, I hope to be able to give someone else the same opportunities that I have at Illinois by potentially becoming a donor myself. I would be honored to help a deserving person attend Illinois Engineering, opening up a world of possibilities.”

Meet Lauren Schissler

Arielle Gross

  • Donor
  • EVS

Materials Science and Engineering, 2011

"The democratization of education to produce better problem solvers is a noble concept. Many institutions benefit from private donations, which when put to effective use, create invaluable opportunities. If my scholarship fund can help more students launch effective careers and add value to society, that is a meaningful outcome for me."

Meet Arielle Gross

Anthony Cloe

  • Student
  • EVS

Aerospace Engineering, 2019

“Receiving my scholarship has further solidified my decision in pursuing my degree in the College of Engineering at Illinois… I think receiving gifts from donors is a great inspiration for me in my future. As I am finishing up my degree I will remember the kindness and generosity I received during my schooling and continue the tradition of “paying it forward” as I establish my career.”

Meet Anthony Cloe

Anthony Crawley, Jr.

  • Student
  • EVS

Mechanical Engineering, 2022

“This scholarship makes it that much more important for me to fulfill my dreams. These donors believe in me and have helped me in my academic journey. They have helped to change not only my life, but also the world. Furthermore, it makes me want to do the same for the next generation after I leave this university.”

Meet Anthony Crawley, Jr.

Parisa Tabriz

  • Donor

Computer Science, 2005, 2007

"I am 'With Illinois' because I have such fond memories of being in Urbana-Champaign. This really is where my adult years started and where I kind of grew up, discovered what I cared about and what I wanted to be. I made friends in Illinois that I stay in touch with still today, and I like to come back to talk with people who were a really important and pivotal part of my life."

Meet Parisa Tabriz