Scholarships bring amazing students to Grainger Engineering!

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Scholarships bring amazing students to Grainger Engineering!

Support from alumni and friends allows the college to put our students first. Approximately 3,500 Engineering Visionary Scholarships (EVS) has been awarded to Grainger Engineers since the inception of the EVS Initiative in July 2012. Gifts to EVS of all sizes are pooled and endowed, maximizing our ability to distribute ample scholarship awards flexibly. Thanks to the support of our donors, larger scholarships can be distributed more consistently to students every year.

Every gift can transform the student experience. In fact, more than half of EVS gifts are under $100. Engineering Visionary Scholarships will last into perpetuity, allowing alumni and friends of the college to continue to donate to EVS funds and help generations of Grainger Engineers.


"Academically, my scholarship support has driven me to keep my eyes on my goals and to really make a lasting impact at UIUC. I feel incredibly honored that The Grainger College of Engineering and its donors believe in my academic and leadership capability, and I hope to unleash my full potential as an engineering student to not only benefit the university community but also pave the way for future women in engineering.

I plan on conducting research in artificial intelligence and/or nanophotonics. In particular, I’m interested in how advanced technology can be intersected with sustainability while considering the ethical implications. Furthermore, I hope to study abroad in the Denmark/Switzerland region of Europe to gain a more worldwide view of the practices in engineering."

Emily Y. Chen, Grainger Engineer
Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

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Support to the Engineering Visionary Scholarship (EVS) Fund provides vital funding for our students today and into the future. EVS is the most flexible type of scholarship support and allows talented students to succeed - no matter their background.

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