Day of Gratitude

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

Our Day of Gratitude recognizes the public celebration of the naming of our college. Our Day of Gratitude honors the lasting legacy of The Grainger Foundation and the impact that philanthropy has on our students, faculty, researchers, and learning spaces.

Alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the college can participate in this day by sharing resources, advocating, and building community. This act is an investment in our future leaders, helps cultivate innovation, and amplifies the impact of our work in the world. Participating in Grainger Engineering's Day of Gratitude helps build a brighter future for Grainger Engineers and continues our legacy of developing transformative learning experiences and producing innovative research that impacts the world.

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Your gift to the Grainger Engineering Priority Fund provides vital, unrestricted support that allows The Grainger College of Engineering to strategically invest in critical initiatives that will transform the student experience, drive world-changing research, and address social justice in engineering education and research.

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Connect with a mentor / mentee

Grainger Engineering Link connects alumni and friends of the college with  Grainger Engineers through mentorship. Students will learn from professionals in our engineering community and develop the nontechnical skills needed to navigate the world!

"Connecting with my mentor really helped me visualize what my life as an engineer would be like. The experiences that he shared with me were informative, reassuring and helped me find direction in my own life."
- Ritvik, Grainger Engineer

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