Marc L. Andreessen

Marc L. Andreessen
Marc L. Andreessen
Co-author of Mosaic, the first widely used web browser that transformed the exchange of information. Co-founder of Netscape Communications Corporation, which produced the Netscape Navigator web browser.

Marc L. Andreessen is a co-founder and chairman of Ning, Inc. and an investor in several startups including Digg, Plazes, Qik, and Twitter. he is currently a general partner of Andreessen-Horowitz, a privately held venture capital and private equity firm.

While working on his computer science degree and as a programmer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) on campus in the early 1990s, Andreessen collaborated with Eric J. Bina to co-author the web browser Mosaic. Mosaic presented a graphical user interface that allowed pictures to be viewed directly with pages and included several other innovations still seen on browsers today. Mosaic is often credited with popularizing the internet.

Andreessen moved to California to follow up on Mosaic development and eventually co-founded Netscape Communications Corporation. In 1994, the company released netscape, which became the browser of choice for a majority of the internet community. Netscape was acquired in 1999 by AOL, which made Andreessen its Chief Technology Officer.

Andreessen also co-founded and served as Chairman of Opsware, inc. and Loudcloud, Inc. He serves in advisory roles for Facebook, Ebay, Hewlett-Packard, Asana, CollabNet, and Kaikai.


BS, Computer Science, 1994