William C. Wiley

To William C. Wiley, inventor and industrial research director, for his creative applications of science to develop new products which serve industry and mankind.

Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Leeds and Northrup Company, North Wales, Pennsylvania

  • BS, Engineering Physics, 1949

Mr. Wiley has had a productive career in industrial research, engineering, and management since he completed his formal education. He spent a bit more than 20 years with the Bendix Corporation, and since 1971 has participated in the research and management of Leeds and Northrup.

Mr. Wiley joined Bendix as a physicist in their Applied Physics Laboratory when he left Illinois; within ten years he became director of that laboratory. His inventiveness led to more than 100 domestic and foreign patents associated with such well-known devices as the Bendix time-of-flight spectrometer, magnetic electron multipliers, and channel electron multipliers. During his final years with Bendix, he assumed a variety of executive duties culminating in those of the assistant general manager and director of engineering for the Scientific Instrument and Equipment Division.

Since he assumed his present position with Leeds and Northrup, Mr. Wiley has had major responsibilities associated with the direction of research, advanced engineering, and advanced business development.

Current as of 1975.