William Littell Everitt

To William Littell Everitt, engineer and educator, for his many fundamental contributions to the enrichment of engineering education and his outstanding service to his profession.

Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Cornell University, 1922
  • MS, University of Michigan, 1926
  • PhD, Ohio State University, 1933

It is most fitting that this convocation honors Dean Everitt because it has always been his trait to give credit to others. This is evidenced by the fact that he actually was the instigator of most of the awards given by the College of Engineering today. Thus we gain an insight into the magnificent character that enabled him to build the College under his administration into one of the top engineering schools in the world.

In a companion role, a technical one, Dr. Everitt has likewise been eminent. His book, Communications Engineering, was the first authoritative text in its field and a standard for over a quarter of a century. His textbook, Fundamental of Radio, was also quite successful. His many technical papers have been considered standards of excellence in content and exposition. It has been said that his paper on "Frequency Modulation" (A.I.E.E. Transactions, Vol. 59, November 1940) is the classical paper in its field.

Nationally, Dr. Everitt has served notably as a consultant to many branches and commissions of the U.S. government, president of societies such as Engineers' Council for Professional Development, American Society for Engineering Education, and Institute of Radio Engineers, founding member of the National Academy of Engineering, and recipient of many honors and awards.

Current as of 1971.