Richard J. Rutherford

To Richard J. Rutherford, engineer and research administrator, for outstanding contributions in pioneering, developing, and furthering cooperative research in the gas industry which led to improved gas appliances, equipment, and more economical services.

President, American Gas Association, and President, Worcester Gas Light Company, Worcester, Massachusetts

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1924

Mr. Rutherford's distinguished career has been devoted to the public utilities industry. He joined the Worcester Gas Light Company in 1936, and since 1951 he has been its president. In the beginning of 1944, Mr. Rutherford played a major role in the formation of the gas industry's national research program. In the early 1950s he made a major contribution to the reorganization of the association that met the conversion from manufactured to natural gas. Mr. Rutherford has the rare ability to combine brilliant engineering development with the execution of important administrative responsibilities.

He has an outstanding record of public service in addition to his professional accomplishments. The list of organizations of which he has been a director, trustee, or officer are too numerous to mention. Specifically he has given a great deal of support to education by his interest and work with the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Clark University, and Assumption College.

Current as of 1968.